House and Building Extensions

House and Building Extensions in Bolton

Are you running out of room at home? Or perhaps considering extending your business premises and maybe adding a new office? Whatever kind of extension to your property you are planning our skilled and experienced team based in Horwich are ready to help you through each step of the project through to completion.

The following guide highlights some key choices to make when considering adding an extension to your home and also offers some inspiration for practical and enjoyable additions to your home.

Choosing the Right Extension for your Home

For many of us our homes are ongoing project, what initially seems like enough space can be stretched beyond its limits sooner than you think. Especially if you are planning a family or a new child for many of us it is a simpler and more beneficial choice to add an extension to your property instead of relocating and going through the process of putting your house on the market.

When planning and designing an extension for your home there is a vast array of different options available. Some extensions suit certain properties more than others and depending on what you hope to obtain from your extension, whether it’s increasing space and functionality or simply adding value to your home, some choices are much more logical and beneficial than others.

When considering your proposed extension it is advisable to have a clear plan as to what you want and how you are going to realistically achieve it. Although it is fun and inspiring looking at completed projects in architectural magazines and on property websites sometimes the sheer volume of ideas presented can inundate your senses and actually make the decision process harder work than it needs to be.

When you have a bit of time to yourself think of the following aspects as early as possible to help make the decision easier

Budget – Try to at least set a rough budget as early as you can to make the decision process less complicated. Ideally set a range instead of a figure but try to adhere to it as best as you can. If after exhausting every avenue you are not entirely happy with your end decision alter your budget range and begin again. It may seem frustrating but you will soon get the feel of this stage of planning and should find it easier to make definite and clear decisions.

Style – Depending on the kind of extension you have planned aesthetics may be less significant than the actual function of the proposed addition to your home. Regardless of the type of extension you have planned styling and visual appearance will inevitably be a factor to take into account at some stage of the process. Many people today choose to have exceptionally beautiful additions added to their home which look breath taking and are a genuine marvel to behold. Don’t be afraid to inject a bit of style and personality into your initial plans but also be aware of how it will tie into and accompany the existing appearance of your house. Important questions to ask yourself are how will it look ten or twenty years for now and how much could it affect the overall value of your property.

Materials – Your choice of materials will make a huge impact on your budget, style and overall appearance of your extension. Depending on your personal tastes and preferences you may choose materials and details that are complimentary to your existing home or alternatively choose glass, wood and brick types that completely clash with your existing property. Whichever direction you go in making a firm decision early can potentially save your large amounts of time procrastinating and potentially slowing down progress at a more advanced stage of the project.

Planning Permission – Obtaining the correct planning permission is an essential stage that some people unfortunately overlook. Planning permission guidelines and regulations are different in England Wales and can vary between each local council. Your local council will ultimately approve or reject your proposed work so it is essential to adhere to what they advise. When you are at the right stage in the proposed plan for your extension we will advise how to go about obtaining and securing planning permission for your project.

Popular House Extension Ideas

Although no two extensions are identical almost every planned and completed project can apply to at least one group, style or type of extensions. Like many aspects of the architectural and building industries, an idea that is popular one day may not necessarily become a trend or stand the test of time in the long run.

To help provide some inspiration below we have summarised some popular, contemporary house extension ideas.

Conservatories and Sunrooms

Conservatories are without a doubt one of the most popular home extension ideas in the UK for a number of reasons. First of all for the amount of money that you spend you get quite a large amount of added benefit. Having an additional room in your home cannot be overlooked for the extra space it provides especially if you are part of a large family as it provides an area for relaxation and privacy.

Also for financial reasons many people choose a conservatory as an extension as they are relatively cheaper compared to some extensions. Adding a conservatory can increase the value of your property proportionately higher than alternative extensions when the costs for designing and building a conservatory are taken into account.

Recently many people have also been choosing to add a sunroom to their property for similar reasons to a conservatory but with several noticeable differences. Sunrooms look similar to conservatories and share many key characteristics.

The main difference between the two is that a sunroom has a roof made of conventional materials unlike the glass roof of a conservatory. Because of this the sunroom will stay much warmer all year round compared to a conservatory which can be expensive to keep warm during the colder months. Many home owners also choose an insulated wall as well as the roof to further prevent heat from escaping.

Office or Study Room Extension

Home offices or studies are another popular and practical extension. Whether it is intended for revision for exams or for working from home the layout will be fairly similar as essentially you are just adding an additional room to your home which will not differ that much from the bedrooms and living rooms of your home.

In terms of adding value it is also a shrewd choice to make as when it comes to selling your home you can describe it as a spare bedroom, study room or even additional storage. Really only the furniture that you choose to add to this room defines it which makes it ultimately one of the most versatile extension choices.

Garden Rooms

Garden rooms are definitely one of the most appealing and hip choices for an extension right now. On the surface a garden room may sound similar to a conservatory or sunroom, especially when describing it in a conversation. As the name suggests, garden rooms differ by being located in the garden and are not physically connected to the rest of your home.

The trend for garden rooms appears to stem from home owners converting their garden sheds into much more comfortable and habitable spaces. The concept is to flip the idea of a basic shed used as a simple workshop and additional storage into it’s exact opposite; a lavish, luxurious space designed for pure enjoyment over functionality.

Although garden rooms undoubtedly began as a DIY trend they are now emerging as an often requested extension and you can expect to see more of them brightening up homes in the Northwest and all over the UK. A key to their popularity is the number of uses for the additional space. As they are insulated and have mains electricity they can be used all year round as an office space, gym or as a “Granny” flat or annex. They are without doubt a desirable addition to any home with a garden.

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